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Renewable energy sources are no longer just an ecological consciousness solution. The ever-changing and usually rising prices of conventional fuels make replacing conventional heating systems with renewable energy systems an economically viable solution with a short payback time.

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  • For heat pumps. Heat pumps act as machines for pumping energy from the environment to produce heat. Depending on the method of heat pumping, they are characterized in air-cooled units (they draw heat from the air) or water-cooled – geothermal units (they draw heat from the earth)
  • For air conditioners, such as inverter air conditioners, high energy class A +++ for maximum economy in cooling and heating
  • For “Wardrobes”, suitable for excellent performance and low consumptionη
  • For Fan-Coils, products characterized by high quality construction, their very low noise operation and extremely high efficiency
  • For Dehumidifiers. The complete smart range of dehumidifiers provides the solutions for any humidity problem in your space. Satisfy even the most demanding needs by providing a healthy and clean environment, free of moisture

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