Energy Upgrade


By “energy upgrade” we mean a series of simple interventions both inside and outside the building in order to save. The energy upgrade of the building results in energy savings and consequently reduces the financial burden of the user. In other words, the interventions that provide for an energy upgrade for a building, are one way to reduce energy consumption and bring significant savings to the annual household budget.
Most houses in our country are old, as they were built in the decades 1980-1990, and need renovation. In recent years, cooling-heating costs are constantly increasing, especially for older buildings, while the economic potential of the world is declining. The option to build a new home, obviously, does not exist for most but the possibility of living in a thermally comfortable environment is a need of all of us.
Having many years of experience in renewable energy and guided by respect for the environment and customer satisfaction, we can respond to any request, ensuring a reduction in monthly operating costs with innovative systems.

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