Έχοντας συνεργασία με τους καλύτερους οίκους της αγοράς όπως GROHE, IDEAL STANDARD, GSI, GEBERIT, GEESA, LA TORRE, CARRON, ACRILAN, VITRUVIT αλλά και πολλούς ακόμη, οραματιζόμαστε και  ικανοποιούμε με τον καλύτερο δυνατό τρόπο, τις ανάγκες όλων των συνεργατών μας.


The bathroom is an element of culture, a place of personal expression and aesthetics. Near us you will discover materials and proposals to create functional and aesthetically unique spaces.
A bathroom can shape and capture impressions on a guest. The right choice is the one that will structure this impression and will highlight your bathroom. We are by your side to “build” step by step your own, special space. We design with you, giving through 3D digital technology a projection in your own space of the products you have chosen.

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