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The Company

The Thermohydraulic Cooperative “NE.SY.THERM. Ltd. “, was founded in 1979 by a group of plumbers in Larissa. It experienced rapid growth and was the market leader in plumbing, sanitary ware & heating.

The branded and quality products characterized the course of the Cooperative from the beginning and continue to this day to be its reference point.

The members of the Cooperative consist of professional thermohydraulics, certified and registered in the Association of Thermohydraulics of Larissa.

The Cooperative is housed in privately owned facilities with a total area of ​​2,400m2, in a central part of the city, at 17 Er. Stavrou Street. The building consists of 3 floors, where there are exhibitions of Heating, Sanitary Ware and Tiles kitchen). On most of the ground floor is the warehouse and the bench of the plumbing items with over 23,000 codes

Our Team

In “NE.SY.THERM. Σ.Π.Ε. » currently employs 20 people, properly trained, with many years of experience in their areas of responsibility. The continuous training with appropriate and targeted technical seminars, either at the headquarters of the Cooperative or at the premises of the suppliers, is a self-evident process which is constantly followed with the result that there is constant information on everything new (product or service), in order to complete the proposal. from the side of the Cooperative and the optimal solution for the needs of the customer.

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Erythrou Staurou 17, Larisa

Phone: 2410-257718

Fax: 2410-259688

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